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Glass Block Illumination

Multi strand side light fiber optic lighting is an ideal addition to any glass block project.  The inherent light emitting properties of PMMA fiber are extremely well suited to this type of application.  Fiber optic lighting has no UV or IR rays, no electricity or heat build-up.  There are no lamps to break and the installation is virtually maintenance free.  Add a 4, 6 or 8 color wheel light source or LED light source and dynamic color changing can be achieved.

Illuminated glass block wall

Glass Block Illumination

Backlighting glass block begins with a ¾” substrate, painted white. Position the substrate 3” to 6” behind the glass block. Mount the u-channel and fiber optic onto the substrate, at the grout line of each row of glass block, using adhesive and wood screws.

MS084 – Side Light Fiber Optic Cable – 84 fibers
150FP – 150W Metal Halide Illuminator
TRK12 – Clear Polycarbonate U-Channel
SADH – Clear Silicon Adhesive
HN – Electric Hot Knife 120V
Specification Sheets

Multi strand Side Light Fiber Optic Cable

Multi Strand Side Light Fiber Optic Cable

Stranded side light fiber is multiple bundles of small diameter optic strands that can transmit light over reasonably long distances.  The light source (illuminator) is placed at one or both ends of the fiber. Color wheels can be added to the illuminator to change the color of the fiber to as many as eight colors or a LED light source can be used for a single color or RGB.

Because of the ease in handling, multi stranded fiber is a favorite choice.
Specification Sheets

Fiber Optic Illuminator

150FP Illuminator

150W   Metal Halide
500 Fibers / .75mm or 288 Fibers / 1.0mm
14.62” X 8.5” X 6.12”
(372mm X 216mm X 156mm)

UL listed wet and dry location.
Specification Sheets  

 Illuminator 2100

2100 LED Illuminator

LED – RGB, White, Red, Blue, Green
36W 12V 3.3 Amps
Maximum 500 Fibers / .75mm
Specification Sheets

SV150T Illuminator

SV150T Fiber Optic Illuminator

150W Metal Halide
550 Fibers / .75mm
9.5” X 9.5” X 20” (241mm X 241mm X 508mm)
UL listed wet location
Specification Sheets

Glass Block Lighting Installation Kit

Glass Block Lighting Installation Kit

SADH Clear Silicone Adhesive
TRK12 Clear Polycarbonate U-Channel
DST14 Clear Double Sided Tape ¼” Width
Specification Sheets

Hot Knife Installation accessory

HN - Electric Hot Knife

Specification Sheets

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