About Us

Mica Lighting was founded in 1988. It has evolved from manufacturing decorative low voltage lighting, to designing, manufacturing and supplying Fiber Optic and LED lighting systems throughout the world.

Since time immemorial, when fire first danced in man’s eyes, humans have been irresistibly attracted to light. Working with architects, designers and engineering consultants we harness that attraction, with creative orchestrations of light, color and movement.

Mica Lighting is naturally suited to the entertainment industry and theatre arts, where light is traditionally used in fascinating ways. We manufacture a complete Fiber Optic + LED aisle and step lighting system for auditoriums, movie theatres, concert halls and performing art centers. Fiber Optics is an excellent choice for lighting valuable artwork and artifacts in museums.

Mica Lighting offers a full range of Fiber Optic cables, light sources and component parts. We have extensive experience in custom Fiber Optic projects; including chandeliers, fiber curtains, ceilings, and point-of-purchase displays.

Contact us to assist you with your lighting designs, creations and solutions.