Mica Lighting offers a wide range of products that are designed to light the way with creativity. Our LED and fiber-optic lights make seeing in the dark easier while accentuating the features of your landscape or architecture. Understanding the unique components of our lights is a great way to know which type of lighting is best for your application. Learn more about the special features of our lighting products by browsing our descriptions of each light system.

Step LED lighting stripA soft continuous flow of light through a Fiber Optic cable allows for even light distribution at steps and transition surfaces in theatre, auditorium and performing art center environments. This LED+Fiber Optic step system is the transmission of light through the plastic polymer fiber using an LED as the light source. The LED is placed at each end of the fiber, up to eight feet in length providing a single color effect. Each step is utilizing just 0.05 watts of power, making this one of the most energy-efficient step light systems on the market.

The same concept is used in the aisle lighting as in the step lighting, only the profile has changed. Two aluminum profiles are offered; carpet-to-carpet and carpet-to-floor, providing an ideal solution for softly illuminating aisles, corridors, and walkways. It is an energy efficient 12 V DC system, with a lumen output meeting the Life Safety Code. This system is ETL listed and manufactured in the USA.

Specification Sheet: MICA-Lighting-SLB300-Step-Light
Specification Sheet: MICA-Lighting-300-440-Step-Light

ChandelierSparkle optical fiber is used as the centerpiece for chandeliers, curtains, backdrops and decorative features. 

Mica can supply standard cut crystal pieces, Swarovski crystals, hand-made Murano pieces, and custom produced metal or ceramic pieces. The addition of end pieces is a function of the overall design,

Fiber light guidesMica Lighting offers bare end light fiber, jacketed fiber, sparkle fiber, sidelight fiber and custom assemblies. Fiber of various diameters, solid core and multistrand fiber are available. 

Be it indoor or outdoor, Fiber Optic lighting presents one of the safest approaches to illumination in architectural, museum or commercial applications, Light is carried over the entire optical fiber without electricity or heat, transmitting only pure light to wherever illumination is desired. Fiber optics provide an ideal method of safely lighting valuable and irreplaceable museum pieces, art, and artifacts as it eliminates harmful UV and IR rays.

Fiber optic star ceilingMyriads of twinkling start sparkling like jewels against the velvety blackness of space. A quick glance at the night sky reveals that the stars vary in brightness and show subtle variation in color. 

Recreate this vision indoors using end light Fiber Optic cable. Constellations, comets, or shooting starts work together to create a dazzling spectacle. The fiber is inserted into acoustical panels or rigid foam PVC panels which are attached to the ceiling. The acoustical panels are finished in fabric, while the PVC panels are a painted finish. Select a domed, square or rectangular shaped ceiling. Multiple fiber diameters are used to create a sense of depth. The light source, either a halogen lamp or LED creates a twinkling star effect.

Green glass block lightingMulti-strand side light Fiber Optics is an ideal addition to any glass block project. The inherent light-emitting properties of PMMA fiber are extremely well suited to this type of application. Fiber Optic lighting has no UV or IR rays, and no electricity build up. Add a four, six or eight color wheel light source or LED light for dynamic color-changing effects. Maintenance is limited to simply changing a lamp within the remote light source.

Illuminators and AccessoriesIlluminators act as projectors to direct light into fiber. Illuminators differ by the amount of light emitted, in addition to providing special effects such as color change and twinkling for starlight. The greater the level of ambient light, indoors or outdoors, the more powerful the illuminator required. The selection of either side light or end light fiber will determine the required lumen output. Mica Lighting offers a full range of illuminators; LED, metal halide and halogen light sources with IP20, IP54 and IP68 ratings, along with various control systems, accessories and DMX512 compatibility.

Trees wrapped in lightsFestival String Lights, a cantenary system, is a perfect accent lighting solution to add ambience to courtyards, atriums, patios, restaurants and amusement parks. The use of structural cables to suspend the lights allows the lighting designer unparalleled flexibility, whether they are looking to light large open spaces, or small walkways. The system is typically strung between two anchor points with optional intermediary support and fed from one end.

Specification Sheet: Cantenary String Lights PDF

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